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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Homeowners Insurance Cover Termite Damage

Homeowners’ insurance typically does not cover termite damage. Termite infestation is seen as a maintenance issue. The nuances of homeowners insurance can save you from unexpected expenses in the long run. Standard homeowners insurance policies often exclude damage from termites and other pests, considering it preventable through regular maintenance rather than sudden or accidental.  How […]

Home Termite Damage Sign

Home Termite Damage signs

Signs of home termite damage include hollow-sounding wood and visible maze-like patterns. Crumbling drywall and discarded wings near windowsills are also indicators. Homeowners dread the thought of termites silently causing havoc in the structure of their houses. These pests are notorious for their ability to chew through wood, wallpaper, and even flooring without immediate detection. […]

Pictures of Termite Damage

Pictures of Termite Damage

Pictures of termite damage reveal hollowed-out wood and structural weakening. These images highlight the extent of destruction these pests can cause.  The implications of termite damage are essential for homeowners and potential buyers alike. Termites are notorious for causing extensive and expensive damage to properties, often silently and without immediate detection. Recognizing the signs of […]